AS/A-Level Physics

… The next step after IGCSE (Year 11).  Students are taking the AS-level Physics course in Year 12 and 13 (age 16-18, grades 11 and 12).

There are two providers: Cambridge Assessment International Educations (CAIE) and Pearson edexcel

AS and A-levels are decoupled – meaning AS results does not count towards the A-level result.  A student will take a AS-level qualification at the end of Year 12 before dropping the subject or going on to take the full A-level in Year 13 – but the AS-level results won’t count towards the A-level grade.  Grades are the same as IGCSE, A*-E scale.
When applying to university, AS-level grades (for subjects that were just taken for one year) and final A-level grades are converted into UCAS points – with the higher grades scoring higher points.

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