AP Physics C Mechanics

The AP Physics C Mechanics is a Calculus based course designed to mirror an introductory mechanics course at the collegiate level. The course is one semester (18 weeks) in length.

Unit & Topical Outline
Unit 1: Math and Analytical Skills [1 week]
-Mathematics with Vectors
o Arithmetic operations, dot products, cross products, engineering notation
-Derivatives & Integrals
o Definition, graphical interpretation, computations
– Parametric Equations
– Units, Measurements, Powers of 10 & Estimation

Unit 2: Kinematics in 1D and 2D & Rotational Kinematics [3 weeks]
– Motion in 1-D
o Constant acceleration & Free-fall motion
o Acceleration varying with time
– Motion in 2-D
o General motion in 2D
o Projectile motion
– Relative Motion
– Rotational Kinematics
o Relationship between linear and angular quantities
o Angular displacement, velocity, and acceleration
o Constant and varying angular acceleration problems

Unit 3: Newton’s Laws [3 weeks]
– Static Equilibrium
– Dynamics of single and multiparticle systems
– Friction & Drag Forces
– Constant and Varying Forces

Unit 4: Rotational Dynamics [2 Weeks]
– Uniform Circular Motion
– Angular Momentum
o Applications of conservation of angular momentum
– Rotational Statics
– Torque
– Moments of Inertia

Unit 5: Work, Power, Energy [2 weeks]
– Work and the Work-Energy Theorem
– Kinetic and Potential Energy
– Relating Potential Energy and Force functions
– Conservation of Energy
– Power
– Relating Work, Power, and Energy to Forces and Kinematics
– Rotational Energy

Unit 6: Systems of Particles and Linear Momentum [2 weeks]
– Center of Mass
– Relating impulse, momentum, and forces
– Conservation of linear momentum
– 1-D and 2-D Collisions

Unit 7: Oscillations and Gravitation [2 weeks]
– Simple Harmonic Motion
o Dynamics and Energy of SHM
o Mass on a spring
– Horizontal/Vertical
– Pendulums and Other Oscillators
– Newton’s Law of Gravity
– Orbits of Planets and Satellites
o Kepler’s Laws
– Relate to Newton’s Laws
o Circular Orbits
o General Orbits