AP Physics C E&M

The AP Physics C Electricity & Magnetism is a Calculus based course designed to mirror an introductory Electricity and Magnetism course at the collegiate level. The course is one semester (18 weeks) in length.

Unit 1: Electrostatics [4 weeks]
– Electric Charge and Dipoles
– Coulomb’s Law & Motion of Charges Under Its Influence
– Electric Potential Energy
– Electric Fields and Potential of Point Charges
– Electric Fields and Potential of Charge Distributions
– Gauss’s Law

Unit 2: Conductors, Capacitors, and Dielectrics [2 weeks]
– Electrostatics of Conductors
– Capacitors
o Parameters affecting capacitance
o Parallel Plate Capacitors
o Spherical and Cylindrical Capacitors
– Capacitors in Series and Parallel
– Energy Stored in a Capacitor
– Capacitors with Dieletrics

Unit 3: DC Circuits [2 weeks]
– Electric Current
– Ohm’s Law & Applications
– Resistors in Series and Parallel
– Energy Transfer in Circuits
– Kirchoff’s Rules
– Internal Resistance
– RC Circuits

Unit 4: Magnetic Fields [2 Weeks]
– Basic Properties of Magnetic Fields
– Force On a Moving Charge In a Magnetic Field
– Force on Current-Carrying Wires
o Torque on Current-Carrying Loops
– Fields Generated by Current-Carrying Wires
– Biot-Savart Law and its Applications
– Ampere’s Law and its Applications

Unit 5: Faraday’s Law of Induction [2 weeks]
– Electromagnetic Induction
– Lenz’s Law & Faraday’s Law and their Applications
– Electric Motors, Generators, and Transformers

Unit 6: Maxwell’s Equations [2 weeks]
– Introduction to the Equations of Electromagnetism
– Expounding on Ampere’s Law
– Maxwell’s Equations: Understanding Them Conceptually and Their Implications

Unit 7: Inductance [2 weeks]
– Self-Inductance
– LR-Circuits & Revisiting Kirchoff’s Rules
– Energy Stored in Magnetic Fields
– LC-Circuits
o Electromagnetic Oscillaitions

Comprehensive Semester Review [2 Weeks]

– An Open Investigation of Electrostatics
– Mapping Equipotential and Electric Field Lines
– Ohm’s Law and Internal Resistance
– Series and Parallel Resistors in DC Circuits
– Determining the Time Constant of a Basic RC Circuit
– Demonstrating the Force on a Current-Carrying Wire & Torque On a Current-Carrying Loop o Challenge: Levitating a Current-Carrying Loops
– Measuring the Magnetic Field Inside a Solenoid
– Determining the Relationship Between Magnetic Field Strength and Distance Using Curve-Fitting Techniques
– Investigating Ampere’s Law of Straight Wire and Circular Loops
– Constructing a Motor and Explaining Its Design
– Extra: “Dissecting” a Basic Piece of Electronic Equipment and Explaining How It Works